Sports and leisures

Environment and lasting development projects

The team on the spot indulge in eco-friendly efforts targeting harmonious co-existence with the environment in the long run. Thanks to this policy, the Soleil de Jade is a real resource center for environment.

Parties at night

There you can enjoy dancing at night, Briton tales, local songs and discover the typical woodwcraft toys.

Sports activities

Just in front of the Soleil de Jade, you will indulge in the bracing pleasure of sailing and take the tiller of catamaran or of an Optimist. Sea kayaking is the ideal way of discovering the pretty creeks. Long beaches are perfect for sand sailing. Enjoy as well hiking, orienteering race, darts, snorking, scubadiving, fishing, accrobatic trails, table tennis.

Cultural activities

All these activities build up an appetite . So Come and enjoy the local cooking. Discover the oyster farms, mussels breeding, oenology . Pay a visit to local producers and local heritage. Discover the many crafts related to the sea, theatre, dance and tales.

Office de Tourisme de Pornic